Ibogaine Clinic Scam Ibogaine Scam

The Worst Ibogaine Scammers and Their Sordid History

As an unregulated drug and unlicensed naturally occurring drug, Ibogaine is freely available on what is commonly referred to as the “Dark Web”.  This means that literally anyone can buy it. Many people choose to buy the drug and self-administer it at home.  This means that the self-proclaimed “addiction clinics” make no money from these people. A shady industry of these clinics has sprung up in Mexico, with countless clinics offering Ibogaine based treatments for anything from addiction to Alzheimer’s disease. The drug itself is psychoactive in nature. And can offer addicts a degree of introspection that aids them with addiction. There is no medical evidence to back up the claims made by the majority of these clinics, and some of them are run by con artists taking advantage of the huge prices people are willing to pay to be free of their ailments.

Worst Offenders

Charles Johnston opened the infamous Safe Haven Ibogaine treatment center in Mexico. He has also operated under the businesses Beyond Ibogaine and Ibogaine University. He has a history of appalling care and terrible reviews regarding the “treatment “of his patients. There are 3 basic types of Ibogaine. One is the simple Iboga root found in Western Africa that was simply boiled and used by African tribes for spiritual enlightenment and religious ceremonies.  The more refined product is commonly known as Ibogaine TA, and is a weak extract from the bark of the root. The Most refined and expensive form of the drug is Ibogaine HCL. This can contain up to 98% of the active chemical that results in hallucinations and introspective visions.

Charles Johnston offers people with genuine withdrawal symptoms the cheapest Ibo root. He has never had any medical training, nor has any of his staff at his clinics. The quality of care at his scam clinics has nothing but appalling reviews and complaints, yet he is happy to charge desperate people up to $1000 per day for a service they could receive by spending 5 minutes on the internet with a credit card.

Ibogaine Clinic

This clinic is run by David Dardashti and his son, Yehonatan Yoel, who also goes by the name Jonathan Dardashti. This treatment center also offers to cure anything from Old age (yes really) to diabetes (scientifically impossible). The Dardashti scam claims to be affiliated with Doctor Deborah Mash and Doctor Alberto Sola in Cancun. When contacted, Doctor Mash referred to David and Jonathan Dardashti as “lying pieces of shit” while Doctor Sola also disavows any connection with the Dardashti scam, noting that one of them used to work for him. In marketing! The Ibogaine clinic scam has been shut down multiple times in the last 5 years by the Mexican authorities due to the heavy burden it places on their local healthcare systems, which have had to respond multiple times to medical emergencies that arise from poor care and no medical experience at the clinic. Every time they are shut down, The David and Jonathan Dardashti Ibogaine scam just uses their millions of illegally earned Dollars to open up a new clinic/guesthouse in Cancun. Their arrests are similarly ignored by the victims of their ridiculous claims.