Ibogaine Scam

Notable Ibogaine Scams and the Outrageous Claims by Those Who Run Them

Ibogaine clinics in Cancun are increasingly being used as profit making scams targeting the weakest and most desperate in society. The history of Ibogaine and the unlicensed clinics offering impossible treatment out comes is well documented and prolific. Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive drug originating from Western Africa and has enjoyed a mythical status over the last 20 years as a wonder drug that can treat anything from narcotic withdrawal to diabetes. There is only anecdotal evidence to back these claims up and people have died while under the supervision of these so-called “clinics“. Many of these are nothing more than guest houses with a couple of people with no background in medicine pumping addicts with a variety of drugs in dangerous conditions with no medical backup save for the local emergency services, which are also substandard.

Dangerous Methods of Practice
The treatment of narcotic withdrawal is complicated and fraught with difficulties. Addicts who arrive at any treatment center in the world must first be appraised by medical professionals who can then assess how best to treat them and when to start treatment safely. To avoid this vital point of assessment is incredibly dangerous as no two addicts are the same. When did they last take opiates? How many different drugs are in their system? How long have they been using? Do they have any associated medical conditions as a result of their addiction? Is there a family history of heart disease? Has the clinic got the patients’ medical history from their doctor? These are questions rarely even asked by unlicensed clinics in Cancun using an illegal drug to treat the most complicated of maladies.

Ibogaine Clinc. Cancun
David and Jonathan Dardashti, (real name Yehonatan Yoel) run a clinic in Cancun that has been closed down a number of times by the local authorities. They are happy to take up to $4000 per week to treat people with any number of illnesses including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hepatitis C, depression and PTSD, as well as opiate addiction. Even if you can accept the fact that psychoactive drugs can treat mood disorders like depression or PTSD (and there is emerging evidence to back this up) the fact that David Dardashti and Yehonatan Yoel scam people with serious medical disorders like hepatitis C and diabetes is outrageous. These are incredibly complex and debilitating diseases that require a lifetime of treatment and care by medically trained professionals. Both conditions are incurable and life changing, meaning that people who suffer from them are desperate. Desperate people are the favorite target of the David and Yehonatan Yoel Ibogaine scam.

The Ibogaine clinic run by David Dardashti is supported throughout by a string of shady financial institutions run by his son, Jonathan (real name Yehonatan) these include real estate companies that open and close on a yearly basis as well as payment processing for gambling sites that disappear as soon as they appear. The greed of this pair knows no bounds as they consistently search for more ways to separate the vulnerable from their money.

On a final note, The Ibogaine clinic, on its website, actually claims that the use of the drug has anti-aging benefits! There is no evidence, either anecdotal or medical, that any drug in the history of the world has anti-aging benefits. If there were any truth at all to this claim, you can bet that every drug company in the world would be racing to conduct tests on what would be the Holy Grail of modern medicine.