Jonathan Dardashti Scam

Are His Legitimate Business Partners Aware of the Jonathan Dardashti Scam?

Let’s suppose that you have a business income that you want to hide. There may be many reasons for an individual or corporation to hide their income or true cash value. Maybe you want to keep it out of the hands of the tax authorities in your country. Maybe you want to hide it from your business partners who may be unwittingly aiding you in a tax scam. With divorce rates what they are in the western world, you may want to hide your income from your husband or wife. Or your kids!

Money laundering is not as difficult as most people think. It is not just about “cleaning” money gained from illicit means, it is about showing that you have reason to own your home, have your bank balance or your sports car.

If, Like Jonathan Dardashti, you live in the US, you used to be able to spirit your money offshore into the Cayman Islands or the Virgin Islands. In 2010 however, The US government introduced the Foreign Account Tax Compliance act. This act requires foreign banks to turn over information to the IRS information about accounts held by US citizens. It means that if, for instance, you run a profitable scam in Mexico, there are fewer and fewer ways to make that money available to you in The United States. Not only do you have to pay tax on it, you have to say where the money came from.

This is a big problem for people like Jonathan Dardashti who makes a fortune off the sale of an illegal, unlicensed drug sold out of an illegal, unlicensed clinic in Cancun. The Ibogaine Clinic scam offers one treatment of Ibogaine as the dream medicine that will cure everything. It is a psychoactive drug that distorts reality for the user and sends them into an alternate reality. It is basically a natural acid trip. Available online from China, the Ibogaine Clinic Jonathan Dardashti scam simply puts the drug into pill form and treat you in an unlicensed clinic for Alzheimer’s, various Cancers and infamously, drug and alcohol addiction. There is, at best, only anecdotal evidence that this drug has any impact on addiction treatment and is certainly statistically less effective than a proper rehabilitation center.

So if you are earning dirty money through illicit and morally bankrupt means in Mexico, how to get that cash into the US or, more specifically, Miami FL where the Dardashti’s live? The answer is simple. You set up a spider’s web network of companies that exist only on paper. You can set up a limited Liability Company (LLC) in Miami in a day. You then give them neutral names so that the companies in question can be made to look like they sell anything, be it goods or services. When Money Laundering, it is often better to have a shell company offer a service as these are more difficult to quantify for the IRS than a company that holds physical stock.

Your next step is to attract legitimate business partners to these businesses. The best business partner to use for this sort of enterprise is one that does not know your true intentions. They should be legitimate businessmen who further legitimize the company by their connection to it. Their other legit business practices lend credibility to your Ibogaine scam.

Dardashti sets up business in Miami FL that are a matter of public record. He has started more than 15 in the last 10 years. The complicated network is used to funnel money out of Mexico into his own pockets using it as a smokescreen. Do Jonathan Dardashti’s legitimate business partners know about his past? Are they complicit in his history of investigations by the IRS for tax evasion and money laundering charges? They should certainly ask to have a long and forensic breakdown of any business they have put their name to that has anything to do with the Jonathan Dardashti scam.