Dardashti Scam

Jonathan Dardashti, Payment Processing Theft and Links to Other Business

When you are associated with as many businesses as Jonathan Dardashti, AKA Yehonatan Yoel, it’s hard to keep tabs on who is running what, and how these individual organizations relate to one another. By now we have discussed the ibogaine scam and how it affects those unlucky enough to fall prey to addiction. As if addiction wasn’t enough of a curse, many afflicted run into the Dardashti scam operation in Cancun, Mexico, and from there they lose even more money as a result of their problem.

But how did the younger Dardashti wind up supporting this dubious business and what did it take to get to a position of influence required to help launch such a venture? Another question could be who had to lose out in order for Jonathan Dardashti to profit?

Below is a who’s-who diagram of those associated with Jonathan Dardashti and the way these businesses interact with each other. If it looks convoluted, it’s because it is, and perhaps this is one of the reasons that he’s stayed out of the limelight to pursue other, nefarious activities in the meantime.

While not all these businesses are negatively associated with Jonathan Dardashti, it’s highly likely that some are linked to illegal activities. These include, but aren’t limited to, payment processing theft complaints against his business Piropay. There have been many unresolved complaints with regards to Piropay and their withholding funds, sometimes indefinitely, from businesses and individuals alike, and it’s entirely likely that this has been a means of profiteering for quite some time.

So as usual, it’s always worth doing due diligence before venturing into business with anyone else. Thankfully the Internet helps us with this, whereas before we had to rely much more on our instincts as to whether someone was wholly trustworthy or not. When it comes to the Dardashti family, it’s well worth digging deep and asking all the important questions before getting involved with any of the aforementioned persons or organizations.