Ibogaine Scam

Is the Ibogaine Scam Using a Fake Big Pharma Conspiracy as an Excuse for Their Bad Press?

One of the main reasons that unlicensed Ibogaine scam clinics give for the continuing illegality of the drug and their treatments is that it is the result of a conspiracy between big US Pharmaceutical companies. Although every piece of evidence regarding the efficacy of the drug is anecdotal, it should be noted that, in the past, it is demonstrably true that the biggest companies in the biggest industry in the US has been guilty of this.

For the latest turnover figures for big Pharma, we have to go back to 2015. In 2015 the turnover for these companies in the US alone was reported as $424 Billion Dollars. The sheer size of American Pharmaceutical companies means that they can afford to compromise or pull funding from drugs at any time as they have political power and infinite funds available.

Ibogaine is used by unregulated clinics to treat desperate people addicted to alcohol or narcotics. The Ibogaine scam is propped up by people like David and Jonathan Dardashti claiming that the bad press surrounding their treatments is a result of big Pharmaceutical companies acting against an effective product because they cannot profit from an unlicensed drug like Ibogaine.

The truth is very different. David and Jonathan Dardashti offer a treatment based on one drug. This drug is freely available as it is based on the bark of a root found in central Africa. The evidence for its success in the treatment of alcohol and narcotics addiction is scarce and anecdotal. Much of it is based on the scattered reports of addicts who are in other programs at the same time, or are in group therapy or under the treatment of a licensed physician. The evidence for its efficacy cannot be trusted.

The most popular licensed drug in the world is also found in the bark of a plant or tree. Aspirin has been used in the United States for 120 years and is the best-selling drug in the world, with estimated sales worldwide in the last 10 years of $127 Billion. The drug is used primarily as pain medication, although it has been increasingly used in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, heart disease and rheumatic fever, as well as a host of other ailments. It has been tested, synthesized and clinically proven.

The average cost of bringing a new drug to market is now $2.6 Billion. In 2016 the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in the US approved just 22. Big Pharma is desperate for new drugs and to find new ways to market. If they could license a new treatment for alcohol addiction they would. The revenue stream from a “wonder drug” in this market would top international sales of Aspirin, Viagra and any drug used in the treatment of addiction. Common to popular belief, it pays big Pharma more to solve a problem than it does to treat it.

David and Jonathan Dardashti are fully aware of the failures of the Ibogaine scam treatments that they offer in their get-rich-quick schemes. They point to the lack of evidence supporting their treatments in the same way that Donald Trump claims that any dissent in the press is “fake news”. Their conspiracy theories based on the FDA are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that they are scam artists preying on the weakest and sickest in society.