Jonathan Dardashti

Who is Most Commonly Affected by the David and Jonathan Dardashti Scam?

The common factor with most scams throughout the history of the world is that they target the weak. Financial scams (with some notable exceptions) target the poorest in society. They are also aimed at the elderly, the infirm or the weak. Throughout history, and recently becoming more prevalent, is the targeting of the sick. Sick people are often desperate, unable to make rational decisions regarding their own treatment and are unqualified to treat themselves. Even Doctors do not treat themselves, as they understand that their ability to make objective, rational decisions is impeded by their own illness.

Addicts of all kinds are the perfect targets for scam artists. Not only have they often lost the ability to make informed decisions regarding treatment, they are often financially unstable, weak or from low-income demographics. Effective treatments for addiction are often long, expensive and require a lot of work from the addict themselves, often demanding that they stay in a program for the rest of their lives. Alcoholics Anonymous is a good example of this, with an estimated 1.5 million members in the US alone. This program is not medical. It promotes abstinence as the only cure for the disease, and asks individuals that they are not in control of their disease, as well as encouraging members to attend daily or weekly meetings and talk to each other in a group environment. It has been proved to work by any testable or quantifiable process of enquiry or experiment.

Photo: Jonathan Dardashti

Narcotic Addiction

People addicted to narcotics are undeniably the easiest target for people running scams. They are more than likely to be poor. They are more than likely (though not necessarily) be poorly educated. By the time that someone addicted to narcotics seeks help for their addiction, it is also likely that they have hit rock bottom: A professionally recognized point in their lives where something catastrophic has occurred to a degree that makes them realize that all their problems can be attributed to the drug specifically and addiction in general. These “lows” can relate to the loss of their home, the loss of contact with their families, divorce from a spouse or a term of incarceration. The death of a friend or loved one who is also an addict can also be a trigger. In short, these are the most desperate and easily exploited demographics in the world for scam artists.

Scams that target people in this situation are among the most insidious and cruel money making scams you could ever conceive. These scams exist and thrive because of two main reasons, both relating to the Internet. The first reason is that the Internet and its rise have opened up a world of easily accessible information that was unthinkable 20 years ago. People who are sick can search for treatments for their addictions. People can also offer their services over the Internet for addiction treatments. This is not a problem in and of itself; it just means that it is a process open to abuse. Often the addict seeking treatment will look for the easiest and quickest route to a “cure”. Often the person offering the service they are looking for is offering the easiest and quickest route to a “cure”. Problem solved.

The second reason that these scams exist and thrive is because the Internet has allowed free trade between unregulated, unlicensed drug providers and unregulated, unlicensed clinics around the world claiming to have miracle cures to any ailment. From cancer to hair loss, anyone can find a person on the Internet to supply him or her with drugs. On the back of these untraceable supply lines, anyone can open a clinic, supply it with “miracle cures” and advertise both the efficacy of the drugs and the location of the clinic online. These clinics are expensive, exploitive and profit oriented. Even the best are unlicensed and unregulated in their country. In short: Many of these clinics are scams; open to abuse and manipulation by the worst people in society.

DavidDardashti is one of these people. Largely supported by his son, Jonathan Dardashti, he offers a comprehensive clinical service for cocaine and heroin addicts. He does not hold a license for this treatment service. He holds no certification or medical training whatsoever.  His background is in finance and realty. He has convictions for money laundering and open warrants for his arrest in the US for spousal abuse. A Davidand Jonathan Dardashti scam “clinic” would be a terrible choice for an addict to find treatment even if the services he offers had any history of success. Sadly, the “cure” that he offers some of the most vulnerable in society have never been proved to work in any clinical trial, is illegal and unlicensed for human consumption in the vast majority of the world.

Unproven and Dangerous Therapeutic Drugs

The Dardashti scam is based on a drug called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug with a history of use by African tribes for rituals and spiritual enlightenment. It was first claimed to have anti addiction properties in 1962 by a 19 year old heroin addict who supplied anecdotal evidence of its efficacy based on his observation of his circle of friends and fellow addicts. It is worth noting that he relapsed later. There is a wealth of information on the Internet available concerning this drug and its psychoactive effects on the human brain. It is considered dangerous and one of its many side effects includes severe vascular disease at therapeutic doses. It should be noted that there is anecdotal evidence of certain; safe psychoactive drugs having a positive impact on people who have issues with addiction and depression.

DavidDardashti is the self-styled “Messiah” of heroin addiction treatment. He professes to have an answer for addicts all over the world. In reality, he is just a shady entrepreneur with a credit card and a supply of an unproven drug who will take any opportunity to make money from anyone he can manipulate. He operates from a network of clinics in Cancun. As soon as the authorities in Mexico find out where he is operating, they act quickly to close him down. The Davidand Jonathan Dardashti scam is then simply moved to another address in Cancun, from which the father-son operation can quickly and seamlessly continue to offer worthless services to the most vulnerable people in the world.