Ibogaine Clinic Scam

Why Cancun in Mexico is the Perfect Place to Run Something like the Ibogaine Scam

Starting a business is hard. Running your own business is difficult. Customer acquisition is costly. Rent is expensive. Getting the requisite licenses and permits can be a bureaucratic nightmare, wherever you choose to start it. However, there are people who make money by illegal means and need to choose somewhere very carefully in which to base themselves.

So where do you go? This depends on the business that you are running. It also depends on the ease of siphoning your money to your own pocket. If you live in the United States, Mexico has historically been the first place that shady businesses are based. Why is this?

If you are running an unlicensed addiction treatment center, for example, it is best to pick a part of the world that does not demand a medical license before offering “medicines” for the treatment of things like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression or the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid abuse. Cancun in Mexico is such a place. David and Jonathan Dardashti have chosen to run their Ibogaine clinic scam from Cancun for these reasons.

Cancun is famous for being a tourist area that is popular with Americans on holiday, with up to 1 Million tourists expected this Easter alone. It is seen as a good place for a treatment center because it is picturesque and fairly cheap to stay there. Jonathan Dardashti offers his bogus treatments there by way of Ibogaine, an unlicensed drug traditionally used in East Africa as a way to enhance religious and spiritual ceremonies. Cancun is also infamous for the levels of crime, violence against tourists and the corruption levels of the local police force.

The local police force in Cancun is known mostly for low level scams. One of these is the hire car scam where they fine unsuspecting tourists in hire cars up to $100 for non-existent driving errors they are said to have committed. Another popular and dangerous scam is the drugging and robbing of tourists. Shootings are common and mid-level corruption is rife in all theaters of local government.  It is the perfect place for an illegal, unlicensed opioid abuse center for these very reasons. Jonathan Dardashti has his various money laundering operations based in Miami: FL, which is just 90 minutes flight from Cancun International airport.

Despite the fact that it appears that Cancun is the best place in the world for illegal and profitable activities, David Dardashti, the father of Jonathan who runs the Ibogaine clinic day to day, managed to fall fowl of the authorities. The most corrupt police in the world has closed down their illegal clinic on multiple occasions. Because of the record levels of corruption however, it is easy to grease the right palms and simply open up again at another location. Because you do not need any of the licensees or permits to run a health center in Mexico that you need in the US, you can start up again in days offering the same illegal and unfounded treatments for desperate health tourists and sick people with nowhere left to turn.